Emily White is a freelance creative, with a focus on fashion photography and typographic design. 

April 8th 2021
       FATMILK ZINE Undergraduate Thesis — A limited edition fashion art zine that explores the talents and works of local creatives through visual and expressive mediums.  

The publication focuses as a gallery embodying diversity, authenticity, and a new generation of creatives shaping the industry. 

Click HERE to read issue 1!

FATMILK zine cover


Model: Leora Trefler
MUA: Bridgette Doorey
Assistant: Disha Nagari
Mar 2021

Tashi - 35mm

  Mar 2021


Model: Lillian Tilahun
Assistant: Katrine Toledo
  Mar 2021


Dec 2020

Eggs on Everything

Dec 2020

Lil Sis

   Feb 2021

Mock Gucci Ad Campaign

Nov 2019

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